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Your competent supplier in mechanical and auto industry. Years of experience, high technology equipment, educated and experienced workers, intensive cooperation with other companies and satisfied customers guarantee the quality and professionalism of our services.

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Welcome to Nexus Ltd.

NEXUS Ltd. was founded in April 2000 and over all these years invested in machines, tools and accessories, employing predominantly young workers and training them in line with the advancement of a technical information profile.

The company has continuously gained momentum and capacities, thanks to continuous monitoring of industry requirements, resulting in projects realized, mostly outside the borders of Croatia.

Our activities are machine metal processing, production of parts for welding machines, production of tools and devices used in mechanical and auto industry, in comprehensive technological processes, in one place, within agreed timeframes.

Metal processing

Part manufacturing

Tool manufacturing

Device manufacturing

Nexus Ltd. is organized into two units. The first is dealing with metalworking and has the appropriate machine park of classic and CNC machines. The second is the locksmith, which deals with the construction and welding of special machine structures.

We complete the technology cycle in cooperation with Multinorm Ltd., which enables us to quickly develop tools and components for automotive industry that use state-of- the-art technology and software.

Our philosophy of work

As the most important component considering our management system is our focus on customer needs and their satisfaction with the work done. This is the value according to which NEXUS Ltd. measures and determines your overall performance. In the environmental management system, the most important component is our focus on environmental pollution prevention during the execution of the work, both in operation and on the ground with the customer.

Our Philosophy

To achieve, maintain and strengthen these values, we are committed to:

  • Hire professional and ambitious staff who will have the opportunity and obligation to constantly develop and improve,
  • Get the most up-to- date equipment and ensure the environment for comfortable operation,
  • Help customers find the optimal solutions for their needs,
  • Achieve quality that will encourage customers to repurchase our products and services,
  • Apply and enhance the efficiency of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as the GDPR standards-based management system and strive to overcome these requirements,
  • Set ambitious, measurable and achievable quality and environmental management goals,
  • Improve your environmental management system to reduce the adverse environmental impact,
  • Identify materials, processes, products and waste that can cause environmental pollution and implement measures to avoid, reduce or control pollution where technically and economically feasible,
  • Educate and raise ecological awareness for employees, customers and partners,
  • Comply with and comply with legal and other regulations related to environmental protection,
  • Regularly monitor the condition of the identified significant environmental aspects,
  • Continually improve the environmental management results by reducing the amount of hazardous waste generated in our work processes and extract and collect useful waste to recycle,
  • Transparency of work and readiness to communicate with the environment, so that we are always open to the public, with the availability of information about our activity to interested parties, and a dialogue on activities that have a direct impact on the environment.

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May 21, 2020

Nexus d.o.o.

Pokrenuta je nova Internet stranica naše tvrtke Nexus d.o.o. Poštovani, Od danas, 17. travnja 2018.g. pokrenuta je nova Internet stranica naše tvrtke Nexus d.o.o. na kojoj ćete se uskoro više moći upoznati sa našim radom, ali i pronaći zanimljive informacije, kao i javne objave i natječaje za poslove. Srdačan pozdrav! Nexus d.o.o.

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